Our Story

It all started in 1989, more than 34 years ago. Mount Prospect Illinois was the location. A 23-year-old James Photopoulos fresh out of Illinois State University opens Photos Hotdogs. 15 years later a second Photos location opens in Palatine Illinois with a Drive-Thru. Many things have changed over the 30 years: Internet, Mobile Phones, Presidents, Automobiles, Hair Styles, Cost of living, Minimum Wages and even the Legalization of Weed!!! Lord have mercy!

One thing that has not changed is Photos commitment to delicious food and loving service. Same original owner in Palatine (just a little older now :) The next time you are in Palatine stop by for a Veggie Cheeseburger or Chicken Quesadilla. Two of our personal Favorites!

Thanks for the Love, Jim Photopoulos and Family.